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Welcome to Norman Lodge 3502

A message from our Worshipful Master

  Hi, I am Vincent Howell, the current Worshipful Master of Norman Lodge. Thank you for visiting our site, I hope you will find it helpful, and that it will give you an insight into our lodge, it’s aims and aspirations. I have been involved in Freemasonry for a little over ten years now, and have enjoyed my time meeting new people, and creating some great friendships along the way. Our Lodge offers a friendly welcome to all, and can provide a great gateway to all that Freemasonry has to offer. I hope we will see you soon, and that the same opportunities will open up for you.

A social society

Come along and enjoy all the lodge has to offer.

Freemasonry provides the common foundation for friendships between members, many of which will last for life. Being a Freemason means something different to each person who joins, but whether looking to make acquaintances or develop their own potential, all members share a sense of togetherness that strengthens their ability to succeed and grow. In Norman Lodge we encourage everyone to contribute to enable the lodge to evolve, while maintaining it’s traditions and core values.

What are we?

A group of friends, enjoying each others company, and working for the good of the local comunity.

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Why Freemasonary

What We Can Do For You

For Freemasons, there are four important values that help define their path through life: Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Charity. In today’s world filled with uncertainty, these principles ring as true now as they have at any point in the organisation’s history. The fraternity you can experience by joining us, will enhance your life, enable you to enrich your personal knowledge and improve your wellbeing. 


Why Norman Lodge

As a Lodge, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of Ritual and Ceremony,


Why Norman Lodge

Come along and join us, it will give you a sense of unity, fellowship, and wellbeing,


Why Norman Lodge

We are a friendly group with an average age of 60 years, which you are welcome to lower,


Why Norman Lodge

Everyone is welcome irrespective of race, religion, or other perceived differences.

Why freemasonry

What you can do for us

Decide to come and meet us, informally at first, just to see if we like each other. If you then decide freemasonry is for you, we will arrange a more formal meeting, where you can meet a few past masters of the lodge. If all goes well, and you decide to become a lodge member, you will be committing to attending all Lodge meetings on the first Wednesday of the month, and attending a Lodge of Instruction meeting also. We would expect you to conform to the principles of the fraternity, and to present yourself in an upright and morally correct manner.


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